Mother’s Day 2011

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Another great Pro Life Event. On the Saturday before Mothers Day we Joined The Survivors to protest Dr. Emily’s abortion Mill in the Bronx. We handed out flowers to arriving mothers who were planning on aborting their babies. I personally got to hand a young girl a flower who was on her way in. Before she entered she starting speaking to a pro life woman who spoke with her for about twenty minutes and then gave the girl a hug goodbye. She never went into Dr. Emily’s that day.

For the most part it was a quiet day. One Pro Choice Escort was a particular angry man.  When a mother walked into the clinic with a swollen pregnant belly and one of The Survivors asked “how can you deny that is a life?”. It sent him into a rage. He then proceeded to compare the pro life movement to The Taliban and the Ku Klux Klan. The day before this particular guard spit in one of  The survivors faces (a 19 year old girl). In a defensive reaction she swung her hand and hit him with her phone. The police were called and the survivors member was fined. The Death Escort had nothing done to him. 

At the end of the day our youth along with the Survivors drew happy mothers Day and Pro life messages on chalk in the rear and front of the planned parenthood. Shockingly the clinic called the police. The police showed up but nothing happened. From my observation they seemed quite bothered that their time was being wasted over sidewalk chalk.

Asher and Rachel Korycka along with me and Alan Melanson represented Grounded and Settled at this event. It was an encouraging event. We walked out of this event pumped up and realizing that we can do so much more to impact New York. Get ready New York cause Grounded and Settled is about to make a statement.

Daniel Fowley


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