Jones Beach Life Awareness 2011

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Jones Beach Life Awareness Event

Saturday August 20th 2011

It was a beautiful day at Jones Beach. About 40 of us gathered in front of the Jones Beach Needle along the main path leading to the beach. We held life developement signs and positive pro-life signs. In addition to the signs we handed out about 400 buttons and 500 life cards. Thousands of people walked by our signs and thousands of conversations began. Whether they disagreed with what we were standing for or agreed, one thing every person walking by was talking about was the issue of LIFE.  I’m sure most of them left the beach on saturday and told somebody else about what they saw. Many walked by with supporting smiles and words of encouragement. Also many walked by with dirty looks and some even gave us a piece of their minds. We heard things like: “Don’t you people have anything better to do”, “This is so creepy”, “Action & Apathy what the $&%$ is that suppose to mean” One young woman in particular used my 3 year old daughter as a target. My daughter was handing out life cards and pro-life buttons in the cutest way and the young woman used her as a target to make a point that it was disgusting that we had her handing out buttons and she didn’t know what they said. I am normally very cool at these things but someone attacking my little girl brought a bit of something up in me. I managed to hold it together and after a few smart comments to me the young woman left. I’m sure if my daughter was handing out cards that talked  all about saving trees or the mistreatment of animals she would have no problem, but handing out cards that speak about saving babies is “disgusting”. Overall it was an awesome experience and the goal was accomplished. The youth of the CEC are something we should all be proud of. I want to encourage you all to join us at the next Life Awareness Event. Keep an eye on facebook and this website to find out when the next event is. On a final thought I think everyone who participated in event can agree that next time we need MORE SUNSCREEN!!

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