All Womens Care Life Awareness 2011

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All Womens Care Life Awareness

Saturday July 9th 2011

It was a quiet hot Saturday morning. I don’t think this place gets many protestors. They seem to do a real good job at keeping themselves off the radar. It was a small group of us but our message was still huge. ALL LIFE IS SACRED and the “fetus” in your womb is a living child. Unfortunately we did see a good amount of people going into clinic and because it was so set back we never really had an opportunity to speak to anyone. The event was still a success and like the rest of these events, the point is to get people talking about the child in the womb and that the child is a living human being. “Lord we pray for those woman who aborted their children on the morning of July 9th, we pray that you comfort them and fill them with your mercy and grace. Amen”

Click here for Jones Beach Life Awareness Event

Click here for Massapequa Life Awareness Event


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