30 Hour Fast 2011


On April 15th at 8am the Youth of Grounded and Settled stopped eating for 30 hours. They stopped not because they were full or because they wanted to lose some weight.

 They stopped eating because they saw a greater need in the world.

           Every year Grounded and Settled members take out 30 hours and fast to raise money for orphans in Uganda. Prior to fasting the youth collected money for the orphans. Our young people never cease to amaze me. They mailed letters to their families, asked their friends and neighbors, stood in the back of church and some even went to their local businesses.   

Through their determination and hard work the youth raised a total of $6,250.00.

          That feeds over 17 orphans for a full year. Sara Ott led the way raising the most money closely followed by Asher Korycka and Melissa Sellick (our youngest member of Grounded and Settled). Beyond these three members each youth put forth an amazing effort in raising money.

            At 9pm on April 15th we all gathered at the church to spend the rest of the fast together. We started the night off with making Pro Life signs for the following days event. After we all got settled and everyone arrived we gathered in the sanctuary and spent some time in passionate worship led by Alan. After the worship I shared a brief word about “Meeting God and wanting Him in your life” (completely stolen from Bishop’s word at April’s Crave Service). We followed the word with a time of prayer. Along with Grounded and settled leaders Jamie, Lisa, Gina and Chris some senior youth: Elizabeth LeGrand, Hayley Bifulco, Kailtyn Civitello, Sara Ott and Asher Korycka came up front to pray over the other youth. The service ended with us crying out Amazing Grace to God. After the service we finished up on the Pro Life signs and tried to get some sleep.

            We woke up at 8am the next morning (24 hours into the fast). You would think at this point the youth would sit around all day whining about being hungry, waiting for the fast to end. Not our youth. We started the day with Morning Prayer in the sanctuary followed by separating palms in the basement. After a brief time of just relaxing

 27 hours into the fast we set off to Lynbrook train station to “Stand for Life” 

              It was cold and windy, but nothing could stop our youth from standing for life. We stood on both sides of Sunrise Highway for two hours holding up signs for the cars passing by to see. Though some cars reacted to us in a bad way and hurled curses and obscenities at us, there was an overwhelming amount of supporters honking on their horns in joy. At one point it seemed every car was honking in support. Every time my hands got frozen and the wind beat me in the face and I wanted to end the day short I just had to look over at Emily LeGrand and Lauren Grgurovich. They lead with endless energy, bouncing around and shouting out to what seemed to be every car “Jesus Loves You”. One of the more encouraging moments of the day was that Patriarch Craig Bates came out and stood with us. After hearing of the event Father Terry Gensemer said

 “Intercessor Youth are setting the pace for their generation”


           After Stand up for Life we headed back to the church. The youth counted down to the end of the fast and we had a traditional Ugandan Meal prepared by my mother Patricia Fowley. And of course let us not forget about the chocolate covered crickets.

            It was an amazing event and all who participated should be proud. I am so honored to be apart of this church and youth group and can’t wait to see what the future holds for these young people. They are truly warriors for Christ.

 Daniel Fowley


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