Silent Day 2010

On October 19th, 2010 thirty-five young adults, leaders, and parents gathered outside of Planned Parenthood in Hempstead, NY to stand in silent prayer to end abortion.  This vigil lasted from 4pm until 7pm.  At 4pm the people began to gather and hold signs in silence for an hour.  This was then followed the Liturgy at Time of Death for the Preborn lead by Alan Melanson.  After the liturgy was said, the sun began to set.  At which time, the group put on red glowing necklaces so that they could continue to be seen as they went back to silent prayer and protest until 7pm when the group dispersed after a closing prayer by Daniel Fowley.

During the time in front of Planned Parenthood, the group was encouraged by those driving by honking in approval as well as a few young adults walking by that asked what was going on and decided to join us in prayer!


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