Youth Retreat List

Posted: November 10, 2010 in Youth Ministry
# Name Reg. Med Grade
1 Adam Ciccarello     10th
2 Alycia Fahrenkrug Yes   12th
3 Asher Korycka     12th 
4 Brandon Evans     12th
5 Brian Kenny     11th
6 Bryan Snow     9th
7 Caleb Giordano     7th
8 Carriss Ciccarello     7th
9 Elysha Maloney Yes   8th
10 Elizabeth LeGrand Yes   11th
11 Emily LeGrand Yes   7th
12 Erin Evans     8th
13 Gina Roy Yes Yes 11th
14 Isaiah Matthews     10th
15 Joe Ciccarello     12th
16 John Boitel     10th
17 Kaitlyn Civetello Yes   12th
18 Lavinia Benson     12th
19 Lauren Grgourovich     7th
20 Marc Graczyk     9th
21 Nyjel Williams     12th
22 Rachel Korycka     9th
23 Rosanna Nardella     12th 
24 Sara Ott     12th
25 Tori Berti     12th

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